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BOSU FORTE BOSU FORTE Same equipment, same drill, but this time on a moving surface!
BOSU FORTE BODY WEIGHT TRAINING Minimal equipment, plenty of gravity, your body weight and you.
HEART CORE HEART CORE You won't even realize how much work you've put in while skipping from station to station of entertaining exercises!
EXTREME TRX EXTREME TRX This US Army version of TRX requires nothing more than your body weight and gravity for an intense training in balance, strength, coordination and mobility.
H.2XI.T H.2XI.T This combines functional training techniques with high-intensity interval training.
IRON BODY IRON BODY This exercise has you working with kettlebells and your body weight while doing spinning, which means you'll cover a lot of ground in a short time.
SPIN&CRUNCH SPIN&CRUNCH Take a bike ride for 30 minutes and prepare for some rigorous crunches.
SPIN&TRX SPIN&TRX This is a demanding program that combines spinning with TRX.
TOUR D-GYM TOUR D-GYM Run through the gauntlet of varied and challenging activities against yourself to burn a lot of calories and have heaps of fun at the same time!
willPower & grace® willPower & grace® Get acquainted with this world-famous program for high-intensity cardio training.
CLASSIC YOGA CLASSIC YOGA We combine the powerful and calm asanas of yoga and sprinkle some breathing exercises to help you discover yourself.
PILATES MATWORK PILATES MATWORK This is a class in body-mind coordination where you can improve your posture awareness and tone the muscles that support your backbone.
ZUMBA ® ZUMBA ® An extremely popular dance-fitness-party using ethnic tunes and a choreography that is easy to follow.
BALANCED BODY BARRE ® BALANCED BODY BARRE ® A popular class where aerobic, circular, hip-belly and flexing exercises are combined with ballet in the "Barre" technique.
YIN YOGA YIN YOGA A meditative exercise focusing on energy foci and meridians where you will be able to soothe your mind.
YOGA YOGA Tone your body with a fluid yoga series followed by profound relaxation.
BODY AWARENESS BODY AWARENESS This is the right class for gaining body awareness through pilates moves, yoga positions and functional movements.
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